Jai Ram Cabinet approved the draft of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Policy

Cabinet also approved ‘Capital Investment Subsidy’

Jai Ram Cabinet approved the draft of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Policy

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Shimla: Himachal Cabinet meeting held here today under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur approved the draft of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Policy, 2019 aimed at holistic development of tourism in the State with special focus on ecotourism, agro organic tourism, snow tourism, lake tourism, adventure tourism, pilgrimage tourism, cultural and heritage tourism, health and wellness tourism, film tourism and MICE tourism (Meeting Travel, Incentive Travel, Conference Travel and Exhibition Travel). The main objectives of this policy is to promote tourism diversification through theme based development, to safeguard state’s tourism destinations through sustainable interventions, to ensure that sustainable tourism primarily benefits host communities, to build capacity and develop quality human resource for the tourism industry, to provide safe, secure and unique ‘tourism for all’ and to create enabling environment for investments for sustainable tourism.

Cabinet also approved ‘Capital Investment Subsidy’ for tourism projects in under developed areas of the State and grant for access of roads and water supply to tourism units. Cabinet gave its consent to include 428 Gram Panchayats of 10 districts in the State under the Integrated Development Projects for Source Sustainability and Climate Resilient Rain-fed Agriculture-IDP, a project sanctioned by Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India for strengthening and sustainable development natural resources available in forest area touching agriculture land of these panchayats.

It also gave its approval to the draft policy for Buy-back of Non-recyclables Plastics Waste and various kinds of single use Plastic waste including bags in Himachal Pradesh having provision of Minimum Support Price of Rs. 75 kg. To be paid to the Rag pickers and individuals from households for is collection and deposit with the Urban Local Bodies for ensuring cleanliness in the State.It also decided to nominate the senior most lecturers as Vice Principal in Government Senior Secondary Schools.Cabinet also decided to procure and distribute 9700 laptops to the meritorious students of Class-10th and 12th under the Srinivasa Ramanujan Student Ditigal Yojana for the year 2017-18 and 2018-19. It also gave its nod to enhance the financial assistance being provided to the Second World War veterans from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 10000 per month and for their widows from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 from 1st September, 2019. With a view to link the sentiments of the communities to foster their commitment to nurture both the girl child and plant, the Cabinet gave its approval to implement ‘Ek Buta Beti ke Naam’. Cabinet gave its approval to fill up 17 posts of Drug Inspector through direct recruitment on contract basis in the Department of Health Safety and Regulations in order to combat the problem of drugs declared as Not of Standard Quality and to regulate the conditions of licenses in sales as well as manufacturing premises. It gave its nod to declare Yamuna Sharad Mahotsav, Paonta Sahib in Sirmaur district as State level Fair. Cabinet also decided to fill up 22 vacant posts of Junior Office Assistant (IT) in Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department on Contract basis through direct recruitment. Cabinet decided to fill up seven posts of Himachal Pradesh Forest Services (HPFS) through direct recruitment in Forest Department.

It also decided to upgrade Government High School, Sohal in Ghumarwin area of Bilaspur district and Government High School, Kharak in Sri Renuka ji area of Sirmaur district to Government Senior Secondary Schools alongwith creation of requisite posts. Cabinet gave its nod to start science classes in Government Senior Secondary School, Ghunni in Rampur area of Shimla district, Government Senior Secondary Schools, Bharog-Bhaneri in Renuka area, Gorkhuwala in Poanta Sahib area and Timbi in Shillai area of Sirmaur district and Government Senior Secondary Schools, Dadhol and Barota in Ghumarwin area of Bilaspur district besides commerce classes in Government Senior Secondary Schools, Kothi and Gallian (Karloti) in Ghumarwin area of Bilaspur district alongwith creation of requisite posts to manage these educational institutions. It also decided to regularise the services of 26 daily waged Class-III workmen of various categories of Nepali origin in relaxation of Recruitment and Promotion Rules in Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department.

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काम में कौताही पर पंचायत प्रधान और वार्ड सदस्य बर्खास्त

संतोषगढ़ के चौकी प्रभारी लाइन हाजिर, एसपी के आदेशों को हल्के में ले रहे थे

सेल्फी ले रही दो सहेलियां पार्वती नदी में बही, एक बच निकली दूसरी का अता-पता नहीं

शांता क्यों बोले ,जीवन के अंतिम पड़ाव पर मुझे किसी से भी प्रमाण पत्र की जरूरत नहीं

धूमल बोलेः कागजी सवाल करते हैं कांग्रेसी, कागजों में बनती है राजधानी

ऊना में नशा माफियाः अवैध शराब, चरस और प्रतिबंधित दवाओं सहित दो धरे

महिला मौत मामलाः एसएचओ हमीरपुर ने शव ले जा रहे लोगों पर क्यों तानी पिस्टल, होगी जांच

रातों रात सड़क पर कर डाला कब्जा, विभाग ने भेजा नोटिस

शराब की बोतल हाथ में लेकर छात्राओं के सामने टिक टॉक वीडियो बनाता गया कॉलेज कर्मी

मुकेश बोले, धर्मशाला दूसरी राजधानी है,सत्ता में लौटते ही उठाएंगे व्यापक कदम

दीनदयाल उपाध्याय अस्पताल के औचक निरीक्षण पर पहुंचे राज्यपाल दत्तात्रेय

टैक्सी चालक हत्या मामले में परिजनों ने मंडी-पठानकोट एनएच पर किया चक्का जाम

पच्छाद उपचुनाव : डैमेज कंट्रोल के लिए खुद प्रचार में उतरे सीएम, बडू साहिब गुरुद्वारे में नवाया शीश

पहले किया हमला फिर लगाई आग, पति-पत्नी की मौत, बेटी गंभीर

सुजानपुर चौगान में नशे में धुत्त पड़ी मिली दो युवतियां, न खुद की होश न दुनिया की खबर

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