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First indigenous cattle breed of Himachal registered at NBAGR

First indigenous cattle breed of Himachal registered at NBAGR

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Palampur: Finally, Himachal Pradesh has its very first officially recognized indigenous cattle breed, “Himachali Pahari” thanks to the scientific work by animal breeders from CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor informed that the Breed Registration Committee of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Karnal has approved and registered “Himachali Pahari” as very first indigenous cattle breed of the State. He told that the veterinary scientists of his university lead by Dr.Y.P.Thakur, Director of Extension Education, who is also Professor of Animal Genetics and Breeding has done all the scientific research work to get this breed with unique features, registered with the NBAGR, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) the nodal agency for registration of newly identified germplasms of livestock and poultry of the country.

Vice-Chancellor told that among the seven cattle breeds recently registered, “Himachali Pahari” with an approximate population of 8,00,000 was primarily distributed in mid-hills to high hills region of the State like Kullu, Chamba, Mandi, Kangra, Sirmour, Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti districts and adapted to mountain topography, extremely cold climate and fodder scarcity. It is small to medium in size animal primarily black and blackish-brown in colour with compact cylindrical body, short legs, medium hump, horizontally placed ears and comparatively long tail. Horns are medium in size and are mainly curved in the lateral and upward direction. It is well suited to the mountainous livestock production system as a source of milk, draught and manure. Adult weight varies from 200 to 280 Kg in males and 140 to 230 in females. Its height varies from 90 to 120 cms. Daily milk yield ranges from one to three Kg and lactation milk yield from 350 to 650 Kg.

Vice-Chancellor expected that with the registration of this breed, research and conservation work will be expedited as there will be a regular flow of funds from the funding agencies. “Since it has been registered as a distinct breed so the livestock keepers will have exclusive rights on its ownership. They will feel encouraged to rear it for the unique characteristics, especially its adaptability and milk quality with high contents of amino acids and high disease resistance” added Prof Sarial. Prof Sarial said that a buffalo breed ‘Gojri’ reared in Kangra, Chamba and some parts of Punjab by migratory Gujjars has also been registered by NBAGR,Karnal.

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