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Make special efforts to bring the benefit of research to farmers: Governor

Make special efforts to bring the benefit of research to farmers: Governor

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Palampur: Governor Bandaru Dattatraya has emphasized to further extend activities of Agriculture University and to make special efforts to bring the benefit of research to farmers’ fields. Governor was speaking while presiding over the Senate meeting at Chaudhary Sarvan Kumar Agricultural University, Palampur today. He said climate change was a major challenge being faced by the world today, which was directly related to agriculture, horticulture and food security.

He said that on the one hand, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, robotics, bio-engineering and nanotechnology have the potential to completely change our work and living conditions, on the other hand, it also presented the possibility of facing the challenges of the future. But, it depends on how we make decisions today, he added and said that it was important to have discretion with technology. “If science develops without the basic values of ethics, then our knowledge will lead us to destruction. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to reconcile technology and spirituality”, said Sh Dattatraya. Governor said that in the same way, the biggest challenge in front of the youth was related to skill development and ability to learn new skills continuously. Research scholars believed that 50 per cent of the present employment would be eliminated in the coming three decades and new skills to be needed for the new opportunities that arise. He expressed confidence that the youth would prepare themselves for these challenges. He called upon the young scientists to work with more dedication and develop skill in their field.

Dattatraya expressed concern that most graduates of agriculture and horticulture were not interested to work in farms or field. He said that in the last few months the youths he interacted in Agriculture and Horticulture Universities, had given him such impression, which was a matter of concern. “Not a single student wants to do farming and gardening”, he said. He said that university should also motivate the youth to adopt agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and their related fields as business and provide assistance with technology.

He expressed confidence that Agriculture University would have a significant contribution in declaring Himachal Pradesh as a natural farming state by the year 2021. He said that natural farming would double the income of the farmers, as well as its products would also be beneficial in terms of health. He directed the scientists to connect with the village and farmers and asked to motivate young scientists to research in their traditional farming. He also directed to train women farmers with model training and serve as a mission. He also stressed for making maximum use of social media.Earlier, Prof. A.K. Saryal, Vice-Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, Palampur welcomed the Governor and detailed about various activities of the University. Official and non-official members of the Senate were also present on the occasion.

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