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Jagat Prakash Nadda warmly welcomed by Himachal BJP unit

Jagat Prakash Nadda warmly welcomed by Himachal BJP unit

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Solan: BJP Himachal Pradesh today organised a civic reception in thodo ground Solan national president of BJP Jagat Prakash Nadda visited Himachal Pradesh for first time after he got elected for the same.The national president was warmly welcomed by CM Jairam Thakur, state president Dr Rajeev Bindal, MOS Anurag Thakur, Former president Satpal Satti, MP Suresh Kashyap and other leaders of the state.

Nadda Said himachal is a land of gods and it is blessing for people who are born her and work here. He further mentioned all the god and goddess paid respect to them with folded hands. He further thanked the party leaders and the workers for such a warm welcome in the state. He said it is the blessing of the workers , love of the workers and their blessings that has taken me to such a great height where he is performing such a great responsibility. He also mentioned that he will never let the people of Himachal down he will take the party forward in all spheres.He said today India is the 5th fastest growing economy in the world and heading towards the its goal to become a five trillion nation. He said the oppostion wants citizens to forget Donald trumps visit to India that has inked so many positive deals. He said all our Chief Ministers of Himachal are known in the entire country whether for roads, water, health. Today our government in himachal is outperforming in all sphers he said it is due to the good work of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur that Himachal is doing well. Jairam’s initiative of Jan manch is a marvellour initiative it shows how democary works. Today Himachal is 100% covered with health insurance as the centre started aushman bharat and the state started him care this a perfect example of double engine government in state. Due to this double engine government in state the development work in himachal is on high speed.
CM Jairam thakur said Jagat Prakash Nadda is a true worker and i am proud to call him our Nadda, as he is one of us. We have seen Jagat Prakash Nadda working on ground , pasting posters, banners and putting flags of the party on his own. This this a matter of pride and good fortunes that Nadda is the President of BJP the worlds largest political party. This a boon for BJP as wherever we see there is a BJP government . He said Himachal is a small state but has got big responsibilities to perform.

Dr Rajeev Bindal Said that this is a workers party and Nadda is a true worker, he worked in university of HP as a student leader and also visited all 68 constituencies of HP, he also became the National President Of BJYM at a very young age for the same he travelled all round india from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. He became the leader of opposition in Himachal and with few MLAS he gave a tough fight to the sitting government, in the Dhumal government he became the Health Minister for the state in where outperformed by takinh heath to the block level, he then became the forest minister of HP. Thereafter he had set records by become the first Genreal secretary of BJP India from HP making the state proud and thereafter he became the secretary Parliamentary board.Nadda always use to work on minute details and that was one of the reasons he became a fantastic worker. Bindal said the all the people of the state belives in you, himachal has earned great respect as he became the president of BJP national.
Former CM Shanta Kumar Said this is a matter of pride for Himachal and this is special for our state, today people in kangra from opposition parties are also congratulating Jagat Prakash Nadda through me, today himachal is feeling proud as we BJP has given us A big position in form of national president of the Biggest political party Jagat Prakash Nadda, a very young MOS Anurag Thakur, sincere Chief Minister Jairam Thakur and hardworking State President Rajeev Bindal. Whenever i travel in HP and meet workers from the party I feel at home quoted Shanta Kumar. He said thjs period is a golden period for BJP.

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