Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh final prize distribution ceremony hosted in Hamirpur

Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh final prize distribution ceremony hosted in Hamirpur

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Hamirpur: Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh made Diwali more festive for athletes by hosting mega prize distribution ceremony today. The sports tournament initiated by Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs and Member of Parliament Hamirpur Anurag Singh Thakur was aimed at promoting the culture of sports and keep youth away from drugs. The tournament started last year, witnessed participation from over 42,700 youth, 1400 teams hailing from Hamirpur Parliamentary Constituency that involved over 20 lakh cash prize.

Talking at the event, Union Minister of State for Finance & Corporate Affairs Sh. Anurag Singh Thakur said, “I firmly believe that sports help in building character, shaping personalities and contributes immensely towards the holistic growth of an individual.

Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh was started with intent to identify grassroots talent, provide them with a platform and nurture them over the due course of the tournament. I have seen these players grow and some of them have transformed into great athletes and are playing at significant platforms. A total of 1400 teams and 42,700 players participated across 5 sports disciplines. I would like to congratulate all the players and teams that participated and wish each one of them luck for their future endeavors.”

He further added, “Our Prime Minister often talks about building a sports playing nation and Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh was a step in that direction. It gives me immense pleasure that youth has shown overwhelming enthusiasm and I am constantly working towards elevating the level of sports infrastructure in the State to ensure that more athletes benefit.”

Lastly, he said, “One more special thing that Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh has done is that it has created a new league of sports enthusiasts. At a couple of locations, post matches, I witnessed kids imitate the actions performed by the athletes during matches.

This was extremely encouraging to see and I am certain that in the near future, Himachal Pradesh will produce ace athletes and shine bright on the sports world map.” Sansad Star Khel Mahakumbh is seen as one of the greatest sports extravaganza as it featured participation from grassroots talent being identified from panchayat level participation, adequate sports infrastructure to ensure athletes benefit the most from the environment, merchandise for all athletes,
cash prize worth Rs. 20 lakh, medals, etc.

The following was the award sequences for various awards, Parliamentary level. Cricket Una Sadar Winner (1,00,000), Bilaspur Sadar First runner up (Rs. 50,000), Hamirpur Sadar Second runner up (Rs. 21,000) and Dehra Third runner up (Rs. 21,000). Basketball Dera Parol Tauni Devi Winner (Rs. 51,000), Hamirpur Sadar First runner up (RS. 31,000), Nadaun Second runner up (Rs. 11,000) or Bhoranj Third runner up (Rs. 11,000), In Volleyball Haroli Winner (Rs. 51,000), Jhandutta First runner up (RS. 31,000), Bhoranj Second runner up (Rs. 11,000), Hamirpur Third runner up (Rs. 11,000).

In Kabaddi Una Sadar Winner (Rs. 51,000), Bhoranj First runner up (RS. 31,000), Haroli Second runner up (Rs. 11,000) or Gagret Third runner up (Rs. 11,000). In Football Sparrow United Club, Anu, Hamirpur Winner (Rs. 51,000), Una Sadar First runner up (RS. 31,000), Gagret Second runner up (Rs. 11,000) or Amb Third runner up (Rs. 11,000).

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