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The Dalai Lama reassures once again to live over 113 years

The Dalai Lama reassures once again to live over 113 years

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Mundgod: The Dalai Lama came down to the Ganden Jangtsé Assembly Hall, the Ganden Throne-holder, Sharpa and Jangtsé Chöjés and the Drepung Throne-holder were there to receive him. They escorted him into the hall where he greeted the audience and guests, lit a lamp before the images of enlightenment and took his seat on the high throne. Auspicious prayers were chanted, including the ‘Praise to the 17 Masters of Nalanda’. The Dalai Lama said, As long as space remains, I pray that I may help all sentient beings. I pray that like the four great elements, earth, space and so forth, I may provide sustenance for the multitude of beings. I try to be practical in the way I serve humanity and all sentient beings. Just paying lip service to helping them is not enough.“The longer I live, the more I think of benefiting others and fulfilling the highest aim myself. In order to fulfil the interests of self and others I generate bodhichitta. This altruistic intention to serve others can contribute to longevity. Selfishness is not conducive to living longer. I am determined to serve the 7 billion human beings alive today and some kind of benefit seems to come from it.

he said, “We have members of the monastic community, representatives of the CTA and dharma brothers and sisters from Chinese communities here. “Just as I cultivate an altruistic intention, I’ve had dreams about living long. In one dream I was climbing steps, 13 steps, which I interpreted to relate to the prediction that I could live to the age of 113”—applause rippled across the audience. “Since the time of Gendun Drup, the Dalai Lamas have had close relations with Palden Lhamo. I had a dream in which she told me I’d live to be 110”—there was more applause. “Meanwhile, Trulshik Rinpoché requested me to live as long as Thangtong Gyalpo. He is said to have lived until he was 125; may I do so too. “There are many different factors conducive to living long and I am determined to do so. In fact, since I am so determined, there may not be much need to conduct this Long-Life Ceremony. “As part of the proceedings the Nechung Oracle will go into trance.

Since the time of King Trisong Detsen, Shantarakshita and Guru Padmasambhava worldly spirits have been working with people to serve the Dharma and sentient beings. Some of these protectors came from India. Others, like Nyenchen Thangla, were indigenous to Tibet. Since formless spirits have no form, there’s only so much they can do. Those of us who have a physical form can be helpful to others in ways that these spirits cannot. “On this auspicious occasion, in this auspicious place, since you have a spiritual bond with me, I ask you all to please be at ease.”

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