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The Dalai Lama to begin teachings in Manali

The Dalai Lama to begin teachings in Manali

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Manali : His Holiness the Dalai Lama arrived in Manali amidst rapturous welcome through Rewalsar and Mandi. Enroute to Manali, Dalai Lama was received by Lama Wangdor Rinpoche, Wangdrul Rinpoche, Mandi Tibetan settlement officer, Indian dignitaries, members Local Tibetan Assembly, Indian officials, Indo-Tibetan Friendship Association members and Tibetans from Rewalsar, Mandi, Sundernagar and Pandoh Tashiling. His Holiness lounged for a day at Mandi before continuing his journey to Manali.

On Reaching Manali the next day, Dalai Lama was escorted to Von Ngari Monastery where the Abbot, Gomang Khensur Lobsang Samten and Settlement Officer of Kullu-Manali Tibetan settlements Tenzin Nangwa greeted him with traditional offerings. Inside the monastery, His Holiness lit a butter lamp and paid homage to the Buddha, Avalokiteshvara and so forth. Once he had taken his seat, the Abbot offered a mandala and the threefold representation of the body, speech and mind of enlightenment.

On His Holiness’s first public address in Manali, He said: “In Tibet, there were three monasteries, ‘Nga, Dak and Gyal that were founded by Gyalwa Gendun Gyatso, the Second Dalai Lama.” These were Ngari Tratsang, Dakpo Shedrup Ling and Chö-khor Gyal on the banks of Lhamo Latso.” “Rinpoché here, (the Abbot), expressed a wish to re-establish Ngari Tratsang in exile, so I suggested he do that here. I’m grateful to him for doing so and for inviting me to visit. I would also like to thank the Lamas of other traditions who have joined us today.”

“Although we have fewer monks these days, it’s still important to establish centres of learning, not only monks and nuns can study, but so lay-people can too. Buddhism is not founded on faith but on reason. Immediately after his enlightenment, the Buddha felt that, although he had realized a nectar-like Dharma, if he were to try to teach it nobody else would understand what he said. It was through the use of reason that his followers’ understanding began to grow.”

Dalai Lama asked what texts the monks were memorizing and was pleased to hear that they were learning ‘Ornament for Clear Realization’, ‘Abhisamayalankara’. He mentioned how important it is to combine this explanation of the Perfection of Wisdom instructions with those of the Middle Way View (Madhyamaka). His Holiness will begin teachings on ‘Eight Verses for Training the Mind’, the ‘37 Practices of Bodhisattvas’ and Nagarjuna’s ‘Commentary on Generating the Awakening Mind of Bodhichitta’ from 13th August. On 15th he will give the empowerment of Avalokiteshvara Lord of the World.


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