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Dr Sangay addresses the Tibetan students of summer camp program 2019

Dr Sangay addresses the Tibetan students of summer camp program 2019

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Mcleodganj : Every year, Tibetan students from the diaspora get enrolled in the summer school camp program, where the students are given education and exercises to learn, Tibetan language, culture, music, history and basic teachings on Buddhism.This year, 32 students have come from the US, Canada, Switzerland, France and Australia. President Dr. Lobsang Sangay addressed the students at Kashag Secretariat and briefed them about the Tibetan government in exile, CTA and its various departments vis a vis roles played by each department.

The President also narrated about the present scenario of Tibetans in exile and how it has garnered success over the last 60 years which is unmatched by the world in any other refugee community. “We owe our achievement and success to none other than The Dalai Lama so, you must always be grateful” said President Sangay.

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