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Traditional Tibetan system of medicine and science can harmonise: The Dalai Lama

Traditional Tibetan system of medicine and science can harmonise: The Dalai Lama

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Mcleodganj: The Dalai Lama met with the graduates, teachers and faculty of Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute at his residence. The Dalai Lama said “Siva Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan science of medicine) which comes under five major science addresses the need of mind and spirit, but mainly the body of physical illness. It has helped and continues to help many people despite their belief in this system of medicine or not. Furthermore, it is widely known as Tibetan Medicine, so in a way it also popularises Tibetan.”

The Dalai Lama Advised not only to preserve the ancient way of Tibetan medicine but to collaborate with other practices of medicines such as Indian Ayurvedic Previously, when there were no adequate facilities available for such practice of medicine, The Dalai Lama advised the members to exchange and one with experiences in exchange. another “We should always strive for improvement,” asserted The Dalai Lama suggests the Tibetan practice of medicine with science Sowa Rigpa as His Holiness can be described and analyzed in terms of science in today’s world, so it is handy in the hands of Buddhism and science of study just like it is more logical and beneficial.

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