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Wangdu Tsering Pesur sworn in as Chief Election Commissioner and Chairman of Public Service Commission

Wangdu Tsering Pesur sworn in as Chief Election Commissioner and Chairman of Public Service Commission

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Dharamshala: Wangdu Tsering Pesur, formerly the Secretary of the Department of Home, CTA was sworn in today as the new Chief Election Commissioner and Chairman of Public Service Commission at a swearing-in ceremony held at the T-building of Central Tibetan Secretariat. The oath of office was administered by Chief Justice Commissioner Kargyu Dhondup.The ceremony was attended by President of Central Tibetan Administration Dr Lobsang Sangay, Chief Justice Commissioner, Deputy Speaker of Tibetan parliament-in-Exile, Justice Commissioners, Kalons, heads of the Autonomous bodies and members, members of the Standing Committee of Tibetan parliament and Secretaries of CTA functionaries.

Wangdu Tsering has dedicated over 34 years in service of the Central Tibetan Administration since 1984. He has served in various capacities in CTA, most recently as the Secretary of Department of Home, CTA from 30 November 2018 till October 2019 and earlier as the Director of Tibetan Institute Performing Arts from 2014 – 2018.

Wangdu Tsering Pesur was born on 1 July 1959. He began his service in Central Tibetan Administration as a Junior Clerk in the Department of Finance on 1 July 1984. On 15 November 1984, he was transferred to Lugsum Tibetan Settlement Office, Bylakuppe. On 1 January 1988, he was transferred to Tenzingang Tibetan Settlement Office, Arunachal Pradesh. On 1 August 1992, he was promoted to Office Superintendent at the Tenzingang Tibetan Settlement Office. After a year, he was promoted to Section Officer. On 2 July 1996, he was promoted to Under Secretary and served in the position at Rabgyaling Tibetan Settlement, Hunsur. On 21 June 1997, he was transferred to Paonta Tibetan Settlement Office.

On 9 March 1999, he was promoted to Deputy Secretary at the Tibetan Cooperative Society, Mainpat. On 12 March 2003, he was appointed as Deputy Secretary of Dhondeling Tibetan Settlement Office, Kollegal. He was promoted to Joint Secretary after two years in December 2005. On 16 January 2009, he was appointed as Joint Secretary of Department of Finance. On 2 August 2013, he was promoted as Additional Secretary of the Finance Department. From 1 September 2014 till 2018, he served as the Director of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts until his appointment to the post of Secretary of the Department of Home on 30 November 2018. After a year of assuming the office of the Secretary of Department of Home, Wangdu Tsering was elected as the new chief election commissioner and chairman of Public Service Commission in a ballot of the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile held on 23 September 2019.

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