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Jal Jeevan Mission envisages to provide tapped water to every household by August

Jal Jeevan Mission envisages to provide tapped water to every household by August

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The Jal Jeevan Mission, a flagship programme of Government not only seeks to provide functional household tap connections to all but also intends to promote the holistic management of local water resources. This was stated by CM Jai Ram Thakur while presiding over the meeting of Jal Jeevan Mission and its overall performance in the State, here today.
CM said that the State had coverage of about 57 percent at the time of launch of the Jal Jeevan Mission in the State. He said that the focus of the scheme was the development of piped water supply infrastructure for tapped water, development of reliable drinking water resources and effective water management. He said that this scheme envisages providing tapped water to all the 16,68,523 households by 31st August, 2022. He said that as on 1st April, 2020 about 7,47,794 households have fully functional household tapped connections. He said that target has been fixed to provide 2,44,351 tapped water connections during 2020-21.
Jai Ram Thakur said that under Jal Jeevan Mission, the State has received Rs. 228.67 crore including State share during the year 2019-20. He said that funds to the tune of Rs. 1710 crore were required from 1st April, 2020 to 31st March, 2021 and additional funds worth Rs. 1531 crore were needed from 1st April, 2021 to 31st March, 2022 and additional funds of Rs. 1030 crore were required from 1st April, 2022 to 31st August, 2022.

CM said that as many as 132 schemes worth Rs. 130.32 crore have been awarded prior to year 2019-20 whereas 223 schemes of Rs. 838.9 crore were awarded during the year 2019-20 upto 15th March, 2020. He said that tenders of 61 schemes worth Rs. 392.83 crore were opened before 31st March, 2020 and work was yet to be awarded. He said that DPRs of 306 schemes estimated to cost about Rs.1000 crore were being prepared.
Jai Ram Thakur said that after the launch of this scheme, the coverage of households in the State regarding functional household tap connections during the year 2019-20 have been increased from 56.27 percent to 68.22 percent thereby registering an increase of 11.95 percent which was far better than the national average of 3.63 percent.
CM said that the overall performance of the State has been appreciated by the Government of India and State has received incentive grant of Rs. 57 crore from the Union Government.

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