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हिमाचल के इस कालेज के बाहर चले पत्थर, दो छात्र घायल

पुरानी रंजिश के चलते छात्रों के दो गुटों में हुई झड़प

हिमाचल के इस कालेज के बाहर चले पत्थर, दो छात्र घायल

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Hospice. There was a fierce fight between two groups of students studying in the college outside the Government College Dharamshala . Stone pelting also started between the two groups . Two youths have been injured in this, in which a young man is being given medical treatment. According to the information, there was an altercation between the youths outside the college in the afternoon over some issue. At that time only three or four youths from both the groups were present. Meanwhile, both the groups also called their friends there. The fight escalated so much that the youths started pelting stones. Two youths were injured in stone pelting, in which one suffered minor injuries, while another suffered deep stone injuries on his head.

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The police reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported , but the youths who pelted stones had fled from there . The police took the injured youth to the regional hospital Dharamshala, where his medical treatment is being done. On the other hand, Sadar police station Dharamshala in-charge Rajesh Kumar told that almost all the fighting are students of Dharamshala College. The rivalry between the two groups is already being told. At present, medical treatment of the injured youth and student is being done at Dharamshala Hospital. Based on the statements of the injured and his friends, the attacker and three youths in Kotwali Bazar have been called to the police station. At the same time, the police has initially registered a case in this regard . Further action will be taken based on the statements of both the parties.



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