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Reliance Jio expands its footprints in remote terrains of Himalayas

“ Himachal ki vaadiyon main Jio Kay Badhte Kadam”

Reliance Jio expands its footprints in remote terrains of Himalayas

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Reliance Jio’s frontline warriors have been working tirelessly in their quest to provide seamless 4G mobile and internet connectivity to the remotest of the regions of Himachal Pradesh. Jio’s engineers’ relentless efforts have been able to digitally empower a huge population living in India’s remotest parts in the most difficult terrains.

Lakhs of the villagers residing in remote areas of district Kinnaur in villages like Hango, Kunnu, Chuling, Liti and in district Chamba like Maral, Kunda, Kugti, Ghisal, Seri, Tuwan, Udeen, Chasak and various villages of district Lahaul &  Spiti like Kibber, Komic, Hikkim, Lalung, Shego, Sanglung, Chobrang , Susna who had to travel several kilometers searching for a mobile network to even make calls have now got an access to Jio’s true 4G high speed internet as well as HD voice calling, sitting in the comfort of their homes. The people living in various areas bordering China who could not even dream of a mobile network for calling are now elated as they have got an access to Jio’s high speed internet as well as calling services.  Jio is the only operator to connect entire Lahaul Spiti area and has been able to connect Leh Manali road till Sarchu. Jio has also been able to successfully operate highest on air sites at a height of 4300 m at Sarchu. Jio has also connected world’s highest post office village (Hikkim) at a towering altitude of around 14,400 feet. Hikkim is also the highest polling booth of India. This has enabled thousands of tourists travelling to Leh and Manali, Police Force Personnel, Indian Army & BRO units stationed at Sarchu to stay connected to their loved ones back home.

Combined with support of the concerned authorities officials, residents, sarpanches etc, Jio has been able to provide seamless internet and mobile connectivity in these critical times when online education, telemedicine and Govt’s services are all dependent on mobile connectivity. Jio has transformed the lives of these people, who were deprived of basic internet and connectivity since ages. Jio has allowed them to participate in economic and social lives far beyond their geographical regions.

Jio has established it’s foot prints in these extreme parts of the state where people are still deprived of running water, hygienic sanitation facilities, access to medical facilities, road infrastructure, banks and where education is still considered a luxury. Harsh Weather and geographical situations were the primary reasons of people being deprived of basic necessities. Jio has brought some significant life altering measures in the lives of locals by ensuring it’s connectivity without consideration of population and geographical difficulties posed due to harsh weather conditions, lack of proper road infra connectivity etc.

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